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Indie Radio

Nothing But Music

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Indie Radio is for letting the world know about all your favorite Indie bands or artists.

While our main goal is to focus on the indie side of the music spectrum, any band or artist that is NOT mainstream will do. To keep that from getting too confusing, indie music tends to fall under the broad category of "rock" music. Just lesser-known bands.


#1- No criticizing someone else's band or artist. Feel free to share your opinion but there is really no need to be rude or hateful about it.
#2- Don't advertise a band's local gig. With a community this small (and the members so spread out) there is little to no point. We may change this when the community grows larger.
#3 and up- We'll let you know when we need them.


Read all that!? Great! Now go join and recommend some bands! :D

IndieRadio is brought to you by your ever-so-wonderful moderators,

eskimoxxkisses & pinstripie!