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18 Hour FLAMING LIPS Radio Marathon on WBWC 7-28-2005 from 7am-1am

18 hours of the Flaming Lips music, listen locally in Cleveland, Ohio at 88.3FM, or listen LIVE from anywhere in the world at the website

Finally...The Flaming Lips are having a marathon! Thursday, July 28th, WBWC's 2005 Summer Marathon Series continues celebrating 18 hours of The Flaming Lips.

Starting at 7am your host Allen Thompson plays the studio tracks, b-sides and rarities until 1am. With an illustrious career spanning nearly 25 years, continuing strong into 2006, hear their brand new track Mr. Ambulance Driver from their forthcoming can also be found on the Wedding Crashers movie soundtrack.

-Listen all day long for your chance to win a copy of the Wedding Crashers soundtrack, courtesy of New Line Records.

-finishing off the year the Flaming Lips will embark across the high seas as part of the Xingolati festival. This October as the Carnival Cruise Lines’ ship Paradise makes its way from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico, it will be transformed into a floating music festival with a special performance from the Flaming Lips and many others. WBWC IS GOING TO PUT YOU IN A CABIN ON THAT SHIP!! Courtesy of those fine folks at Xingolati ...Listen all day long for your chance to set sail along with this festival. More information can be found at XINGOLATI.COM

Turn it on Thursday July 28th for 18 hours of the Flaming Lips, part of the 2005 Summer Marathon series only on Cleveland's Modern Rock Alternative, 88.3FM The Sting

more information on our Marathon series can be found at

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